NEW DRUM FORGE METHOD By Stephen "The Drum Coach" Hawkins
Helps You To Start, Maintain and Forge Your Way Into The Drumming World... Starting NOW!

Discover The Beginner Drummers Kickstart and Maintenence Toolkit:

A 3-Step, Budget-Friendly Way for Aspiring Beatmakers to

Learn How To Play Drums

Even Without a Drum Kit!

ATTENTION: Do you want to learn how to play drums but don't have a drum kit? Are you considering an entry-level drum kit but unsure about its quality?

No matter where you find yourself, you can still begin to learn how to play the drums and evolve along the drumming path. And all you need to get started is a pair of sticks and the will to learn.

"The Kickstart and Maintenance Toolkit" is exclusively designed for beginner drummers to intermediate drummers like you, to help remove all obstacles to a fulfilling and enjoyable drumming journey.

Through carefully curated approaches to practice, using the Drum Forge Method, we'll guide you step by step, into getting started and forging your way into the world of drumming.

Start practicing, Maintain your equipment, and Conquer any obstacle in your path. Enroll now, and forge your rhythmic passion into lucrative results!

Don't wait any longer; your drumming dreams are within easy reach. You can...

  • Begin Your Drumming Journey Today: and Learn to Play Drums with Just a Pair of Sticks and our Budget-Friendly Approach! So You Can Get Started Without Delaying Any Longer!

  • Revive Your Old Drum Kit: Transform Any Old Drum Kit Into a Stunning Musical Investment Using Our Simple Maintenance Blueprint! So that You'll Love to Play and Practice Drums!

  • Solve Drumming Challenges Like a Pro: Get to Grips With 28 Common Drumming Problems and Techniques Using Our Collection of Standard Operating Procedures For Beginner Drummers! so You Improve Even Faster!

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What Others Are Saying...

Mark R

Drumming Dreamer

I couldn't believe it at first, but The Maintenance Kit and RhythmForge Method is working great for me! Started with just an old pair of sticks, and have just bought my first cheap kit. Its in bits at present but its starting to look like a decent investment. And my drumming is getting better. Love it!

Will T

Aspiring Pro Drummer

Man, I gotta say, The RhythmForge Method was a quite an experience for me! I started with a new pair of sticks, and now I'm jammin' like a pro. On my own, but still. I'm making progress. I plan to revamp a second hand kit next.

Jake S

Drumming Enthusiast

The "Kickstart Toolkit" focus is on helping beginner drummers learn to play the drums even without a drum kit, this product offers a unique approach to getting started and learning the art of drumming fast. I really liked the step-by-step "get started now" approach!