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"Essential Drumming Books Every Drummer Should Own"

Unveil the artistry and techniques that define drumming excellence with our curated list of indispensable drumming books.

Whether you're a seasoned percussionist or just stepping into the rhythmic realm, these drumming literary gems offer invaluable insights, exercises, and inspiration.

Elevate your drumming prowess by delving into the pages of these classics, available for purchase on Amazon—simply click on the book cover image to immerse yourself in the beats. For comprehensive reviews and additional guidance, visit drumcoach.com and embark on a rhythmic journey like never before.

Rock n Roll Drum Beats

Stick Control


How To Play The Drums

Beginners Bundle

Alfreds Drum Method

Drum Set 365

The Fun Drum Book

A Funky Primer

The Drummer

Drums for Kids

Hal Leonards Drumset Method

4-way Coordination

Art of Bop Drumming

Kids Drumset Course

How To Read Drum Music

Time Functioning Patterns

Berklee Jazz Drums

Drum Method

Drums for Kids

The Drumset Musician

The Great Jazz Drummers

Modern Reading Text in 4/4

Anatomy of Drumming

Learn the Drums for Kids

200 Paradiddle Exercises

Drum Primer Book For Beginners

Play Rock Drums in 14 Days

1001 Drum Grooves

Rock Drumming for Beginners

Drum Rudiments & Musical Application