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The Month At A Glance Page

Once you’ve planned your goals, and created 3 lists of goals as covered in the free download 7 Step Goal-Setting Workshop. A, B, and C goals. Or short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. Put them aside and turn to the Month-At-A-Glance Page.

Then every month, take out your planner and add the items from your A (short-term) goal list. Add as many as you think you can handle and therefore complete in the month. Leave the other items on your A list for next month.

If you happen to complete your list and have another week to go until the end of the month, then begin to take more items from your A list and work on those.

We have also included an additional page at the beginning of the month for notes and comments. 

The Monthly Book Study Page

If you are focusing your practicing on various drumming books or are going through the Drumming Foundation Series (12 books), then on this page you can track and record your progress.

Add the Title, Author, and Subject Area in the space provided then add a Specific Practice Focus if you have one. You may be focusing on getting things much tighter for example. Or watching your technique.

You then have up to 10 target outcomes you may be seeking. This could be anything from perfecting specific exercises (10). Or, specific areas within a lesson including technique, left hand, left foot, drum fills, and so on.

The Special Consideration Study/Growth Page

If you are working from different books throughout the month, you can add relevant information on this page.

You have space to include the Title or Exercise Type, the specific Page Number, the Exercise, and so on.

After filling in this information you may want to return to this page at the end of the month and give yourself a score from 1-10. You may then need to work on the areas that you don’t give yourself a 10, later.

And at the bottom of the page, there’s space for comments regarding any particular book or exercise you may be having an issue with, or if you find a natural strength, and so on.

The Monthly Practice Tracker Page

Of course, every drumming development process should include rudimentary practice. The rudiment tracker page included at the beginning of each month includes 14 of the main rudiments plus space to add your own. Up to 5 slots are available.

To use the tracker, just set a metronome and timer for 3-5 minutes and practice each rudiment for that amount of time each day. Then place a tick in the boxes for the rudiments you practiced that day.

By the end of your first month, your rudiments should have developed a long way. If you focused on perfect practice.

The Main Daily Planner Page

Each of the daily planner pages is pretty simple to use. First, take a look at your goals for the month (month-at-a-glance page), and then add the tasks in your daily planner that need to be completed in order to reach the goal or outcome. That’s it.

We have also included sections to list your Practice Priorities, General Drummery (drum talk), plus any Ideas, Notes, as well as Possibilities that come to mind during the month.

You could also use the General Drummery area to add additional tasks that come to mind as you progress through the day.

You can then add them in the main schedule section the following day.

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